• Michael Mullins
  • Michael "The Bard" Mullin
  • "The Bard of Foremass"
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    Danny Aroon

    Danny came o’er the mountain road;
    Danny came down the brae;
    Danny went past my mother’s abode –
    And took my heart with him away.
    Danny aroon!
    Danny aroon!
    I’ll be alive if you come back soon.

    His presence illumined my pathway dark
    Like the flash of a falling star;
    His dawn-like smile would deceive the lark
    That longs for Sol in his golden car.
    Danny aroon!
    Danny aroon!
    Your absence turns to December June.

    He gave a smile; I paid with a frown.
    My eyes then followed his track
    Down the long road that led to the town;
    I watched, I wept – but he never looked back.
    Danny aroon!
    Danny aroon!
    Then set my sun, my stars, my moon.

    I watch each morn the mountain road;
    I watch each eve the town –
    If he shuns too long my mother’s abode,
    He’ll find none there but my mother to frown.
    Danny aroon!
    Danny aroon!
    Will it be a wake or a honeymoon?