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  • "The Bard of Foremass"
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    I Sing


    Not for the highbrows who profess
    To love what mystics write
    Not for those mystics whose address
    Puzzles the erudite.

    But for the plain I plainly talk
    And sing my simple lay
    For common folk who work and walk
    Along the common way.

    Not for the idol of the hour
    Not for the pampered lord
    Not for the wretch who wades to power
    Through blood with reeking sword.

    Not for the autocrat secure
    Not for a despot king
    Not for the rich who rob the poor
    No, not for these I sing.

    For down and outs I sing my songs
    For outcasts on the street
    For famine haunted ragged throngs
    The children of defeat.

    For labourers who scorn to shirk
    For workers true and good
    Who strive to win with honest work
    A decent livelihood.

    For friends who can’t be bought or sold
    For love that’s genuine
    For these tis my ambition bold
            To woo the Muse divine.                        

    MICHAEL MULLIN, ‘The Bard of Foremass’
    Foremass Lower, Sixmilecross, Co. Tyrone

    Sent 7 Jan ‘47