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  • Michael "The Bard" Mullin
  • "The Bard of Foremass"
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    Mary Machree

    Mary Machree! Excepting you,
    I’ve little or nothing at all;
    My purse is light, and my friends are few,
    The rent is big, but the farm is small:
    Mary Machree, Mary Machree –
    You are riches and friends and fame to me!

    You are the sun that illumines day,
    The stars and moon of my night,
    The wind that scatters my clouds away,
    My glorious dawn, and my sunset bright:
    Mary Machree, Mary Machree –
    You are the light of the life of me!

    The world is warm and bright and fair –
    You, love, have made it so;
    Fly from your presence sorrow and care;
    And happiness goes wherever you go:
    Mary Machree, Mary Machree –
    My haven of rest on a stormy sea!

    The sunset’s grand when its glory’s half
    As great as what is thine;
    The music’s sweet, that is like your laugh;
    The flower that looks like you is divine:
    Mary Machree, Mary Machree –
    The glory and joy of the heart of me!